China Shared Hosting Questions (9)

Where you can more out more information our our No ICP Requirement

Control Panel (1)

Guide on control panel for your VPS or Dedicated Server

cPanel (4)

Information on how to use the control panel

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (12)

Guide you how to upload your files to the webserver

Legal Information (2)

This page contains links to current corporate policies as well as agreements for the products and services available through Temasek Technology.

Payment Option (2)

What payment mode, we accept

Recommended URL Submit (1)

All URL show here got nothing connect with TemasekTech, we only provide it as a recommend free service

Sales Enquiry (10)

Questions on some information before your sign-up

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As due to IP very Limited, we does not offer any Dedicated IP on our China Shared Hosting. If you...

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For "Connection Refused" or "Connection Failed" errors, check your Internet connection. Normal...

 What website content is Not Allowed?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions at our website. Or send our Customer Service staff your...

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