Happy Chinese New Year 2018
Thank you for the past years of support for us to be such a success.

TemasekTech have successful hit our 2 million customers base in 2018 worldwide.
In observance of 2018 Chinese traditional holiday aka Chinese Lunar New's Year, namely 2018 Chinese New Year, our operation office and branch office will be closed for the Holiday period from 15/02/2018 till 24/02/2018. But our duty & support office will remain available during the holiday season period, so you do not worry that no one will be taking care of your services with us. But during the holiday season period, we will guarantee all support will be respond within 24 hours time frame instead of our usual within 1 hour.
Nonetheless, the customer service, billing system, domain registration, hosting purchase, Email purchase, Reseller signup etc. will not be affected.
We value your business and are ready to help should you need any assistance over the holiday period.

Last Our Management and Team at TemasekTech, Wish all our Chinese Customers a Happy 2018 Chinese Lunar New's Year.

Jose Kim
Public Relations Manager
Temasek Technology Co., Ltd
Official Website: https://www.temasektech.com

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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